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Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under pressure to infuse a special serum of low molecular hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides into the skin. This combination provides remarkable and instant results, which continue to improve for up to three days following the treatment. The results of the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated applications. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum results. Following this and to maintain results, treatments will only be required every four to six weeks.

Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Oxygen Infusion Treatment
Cooling, calming oxygen under light pressure is applied directly to the skin's surface increasing the absorption of the Rejuvenate Serum. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, youthful and glowing with a noticeable reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and a visible lift. Safe for all skin types even the most sensitive or stressed skin. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days.
60 minutes - $135

Opulence Brightening Oxygen Infusion Treatment
Super concentrated vitamin C and natural plant extract safely and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone while revealing newfound luminosity and radiance. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with health and vitality. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days.
60 minutes - $135

Rejuvenate & Atoxelene Firming Oxygen Infusion Treatment
This is the treatment that everyone is talking about – the Rejuvenate and Atoxelene Infusion work together to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and firming for more defined facial contour. Special care is taken to smooth, open and refine the eye contour area while the lips are plumped and hydrated. Experience visible line smoothing and skin firming instantly.
90 minutes - $150

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